Telling the unarguable truth through S.E.W. (Sensation, Emotion, Want)

Dr Julie Colwell speaks often about the Unarguable Truth and how speaking unarguably leads us out of power struggles, stuckness and blame . Speaking unarguably takes us into co-creativity, openness and what is true for each of us.

S.E.W is a powerful tool and the foundation for learning to speak the unarguable truth.

S.E.W is one of the essential tools Julie uses both for herself and for those she works with. If you want to learn S.E.W for yourself, to transform your life and your relationships, click here.


The Inner Map

My favorite way to think of the Inner Map is that it’s like a mall map–it’s that arrow that says “you are here.” Because if you know where you are, you can start moving to get to where you want to be. Read More

Tool #3 EPI's 4 cornerstones of Integrity

4 Corner-stones

4 Cornerstones of Evolutionary Power

Want to know more about how to live from Evolutionary Power? Download our 4 Cornerstones of Evolutionary Power to guide you. Our cornerstones are: Living in Alignment and Flow; Using Tools to Support Expansive Living; Resonating in a High Energy Field; and Cultivating an Open Heart.