S.E.W. – a relationship skill

Speak Your Unarguable Truth and Reinvigorate Connection

You can make a remarkable change:

It is possible to connect to yourself and to others more deeply than you ever thought

Enliven Connection

Have you wondered how to hear the messages your body is trying to send you?

Learn to listen to your body sensations as they are the key to your world

Create Possibilities

Each sensation in your body can be linked to an emotion.

Discover the emotion, let the energy flow,
and watch the miraculous unfold.

Rediscover Flow

Energy released, you can discover what YOU really want

From here creation and play with others can unfold in magical new ways.

When you live in the Arguable

  • You believe you are at the effect of others
  • You viciously blame yourself and others
  • You judge yourself and others ruthlessly creating distance

When you live Unarguably

  • You are aware of the emotions that are guiding your behaviors
  • You are in choicefulness and can choose how you show up
  • You can build strong a relationship/connections with yourself and those around you

Stop trying to “work” at it, only to find yourself in the same place, or worse, from when you started.

Instead, use this SEW skill to unlock what you really want in a way that strengthens connection and builds strong relationships.

Dr Julie Colwell teaching

Here’s what we know: When you connect with your body you’re interfacing with the most trustworthy communication device there is: how you are truly experiencing the world. Instead of getting stuck in the morass of the beliefs and cultural conditioning you’ve been marinating in since you were born, you are directly discovering your true experience of life. You can then move through the layers of reactivity and find your true, authentic voice.

You were born with this ability, and now with SEW you can tap into your true knowing.

As the result of three decades of working with clients for 50,000+ hours, SEW has become a finely tuned instrument that allows the user to follow simple steps to reliably unearth their most powerful truths.

Watch Dr. Julie Colwell as she coaches a couple through SEW
and onto a conflict resolution.