Rediscovering Essence:
a Relationships Weekend

Create the Relationship You Want

An immersive weekend workshop for folks wanting to shift:

As intimacy deepens, personas can drain the energy that once created connection, passion and aliveness.

This weekend we’ll uncover the personas that surface and take the wheel during conflict, and show a clear path to finding the best part of relationship:

Seeing and knowing each other’s real, essential self.

  • Are you tired of having the same argument and never getting anywhere with it?
  • Do you seem to either escalate, or just give up and shut down?
  • Do you wonder what happened to the passion, aliveness, and feelings of being in love?

Come to “Rediscovering Essence: A Relationship Retreat” and learn a new, empowering paradigm of how/why relationships escalate–and what to do about it (besides giving up/giving in).

Make unconscious patterns conscious and create a new, enlivening pathway through difficulty; rediscover each other’s essence and remember why you’re together to begin with!

Understand how personas can drain the life out of a relationship

(and how they seem so real)

Find your way out of the grasp of these defensive aspects, and back to knowing your—and your partner’s—true self, the one that you fell in
love with.

Learn a clear path to generating co-creativity, so that the relationship reflects the essence of both people.

This weekend will initiate a new direction, one where the relationship itself is a vehicle for a fulfilling life of connection and exhilaration-together.


Join us

We will explore:

Personas (the masks we wear), and how to see them in a friendly
The patterns that lead to stuckness, escalation, and disconnection
 A new, reliable and robust experience back to who you, and your
partner—really are.
 Action steps for supporting your new, most expanded interactions
with each other, as you remember your deep connection

Sick of feeling frustrated with your interactions. – We get it

While you have been in relationships all your life, it is unlikely you ever learned HOW.

Learn how to be your true self while in relationship.

Using these tools, Dr, Julie Colwell and her partner of 33 years have a deep, satisfying, passionate connection to each other as they have learned how to express their genius in their relationship and in the world.

Together, they’ve co-created many wonderful experiences and have positively impacted the world in a host of ways.

Give yourselves a  gift that will change the course of your lives:

You’re not the only ones who struggle

Join this weekend immersion with other folks who are striving to add consciousness, play, and essence expression to their lives and their relationship. You’ll end up with clear, concrete tools that you can rely on over time to deepen your connection to yourselves and each other.

“This summer, my partner (who is brand new to this work) and I went to the couples weekend Julie leads.

Oh my, what a noticeable difference it has been making in our relationship.

We were very at odds with each other for many months and seriously talking about splitting up. Since spending the time at the couples weekend, we have been able to find that spark of love and affection that we had when we first fell for each other. What an important thing to remember… how to look at him and adore him and see be curious about him!

Yes, we still have moments where our patterns get away from us- the difference is that we don’t seem to get as entrenched in the hellish battle. We now have some shared language/ reference points and some tools to work through the difficulties. It doesn’t feel like the end of the world when ‘something happens.’

Thank you for helping us breathe life into our relationship Julie!”

~ KS

What’s included:

  • A two and a half day immersion experience with Dr. Colwell
  • Essential practice guides
  • Skills practice with other couples
  • Couples will have opportunities to be coached directly by Julie and EPI faculty over the weekend

February 9-11 2024

  • Friday – 6:00 – 9:00
  • Saturday – 9:30 – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday – 9:30 – 4:00
  • Out Boulder
  • No prerequisites!