Reconnecting Couples Intensive Training

Help Couples Reignite Their Spark

Feel effective and have more fun as their guide!

Join us for this immersive year training where you’ll gain the skills to effectively help couples stop their “Tug of War”, step out of power struggles, and into authentic reconnection.

Stop struggling with or shying away from
working with couples

Discover how you can confidently chart a path for couples that can transform their relationship –

even in the first session

Feel confident and effectively in your work with couples

At times have you felt unsure about what to do next and wish you had a reliable way forward?

Learn new ways to work with couples, ones that directly address the actual issue behind every conflict: The Power Struggle.

Learn and then effectively teach couples the anatomy of the power struggle so they can create power “with” and reignite connection

Help couples find a connection that’s more interesting and thrilling than fighting about who’s right or who is the biggest victim and watch the spark reignite!

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Learn how to run sessions that will enliven you, the practitioner.

Relax knowing you have a clear way through, even during the toughest moments of your sessions

Explore and practice with “mock” couples to experience the power of these new tools

I’ve been there – that scared sinking feeling of self doubt when I didn’t know what to do next, or what step to take that would most support the couple.

Whether you’re just starting out, or suddenly facing a situation that you’ve never dealt with before, fear can take over and rattle your confidence. You will learn a proven path with tools and frameworks that will not only boost your confidence, but that of your couples.

They will have tangible tools they can use at home – and you will feel like you’ve made a difference.

Dr. Julie Colwell, instructor for Practitioner's Couple Course.

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Colwell. And I believe that working with couples can be invigorating and satisfying.

Having seen hundreds of couples over three decades, as well as teaching a multitude of workshops and classes, I found myself moving away from the traditional approaches I had learned, into one that was more effective, fulfilling – and fun!

What resulted is my three books, The Relationship Ride, The Relationship Skills Workbook, and the Inner Map, that address power dynamics in relationships and how to work with them directly and effectively.

I am the founder and director of the Evolutionary Power Institute, where I and other faculty teach tools to recognize and move out of the reactivity that underlies all power struggles, and then follow a clear path back to creativity and connection.

My sessions now with couples feels rich and deeply gratifying. My hope for you is you can have as much fun with couples work as I do.


My approach helps prevent the cycle of burnout common in our professions. I use these techniques so that I live in an (almost!) ongoing flow of aliveness– and wake up excited for each day.

I have successfully trained coaches and practitioners for decades in my model and framework, generating tangible growth in their clients and long-term sustainability in their practice

I went into couples work to make a difference.

I realized my traditional training was creating a cycle where couples would waste 6 months talking about who to blame and how to “fix” each other.

Now I feel confident and empowered to make a real difference with the couples I’m working with in a way that opens up a world of play, empowerment and laughter. My practice is thriving and I get to support couples actually “seeing” each other again, maybe for the first time in years.

-J.B., PhD

You will learn unique approaches and frameworks that,

in combination, create a dynamic road map to fun and connection.

The Inner Map: Julie created an Emotional literacy visual framework that allows clients to recognize where they are and how to shift to a different emotional state


Drama Triangle: Understand what familiar patterns of relating to each other actually perpetuate tensions/drama and how to stop the cycle

Unconscious Commitment: Discover how to help couples uncover what they are unconsciously committed to and how to they can willingly take responsibility for what is happening

Personas and Persona Interlock: Discover how The Masks we wear don’t actually protect us and instead trigger the exact response in our partner that we don’t actually want

Power Over / Power Under: Learn how power dynamics are the root cause of every conflict and how to teach your couples to recalculate the power over/power under equation

The architecture of Falling Back in Love: Learn the teachable tools that help couples rediscover the connection that brought them together and fosters passion, joy and bringing out their best selves

In the training, you will also learn

How to dismantle a power struggle mid-sentence

3 roles people take on in their relationships that keeps the drama going

Ways to embed discovery and play into each session so you can have a blast

A simple question that stops blame in its tracks

Three steps to transform your couples practice



Reconnecting Couples Training is a year-long, immersive learning experience, following your 10 months in EPP I. This is highly interactive and experiential with opportunities to practice in real time. This training will help you up your game, improve outcomes for your couples and create a thriving and abundant practice.



All the framework and tools you need to feel successful will be covered in this training. If you decide you want more support, you can join our practitioner group.



Start seeing shifts in your practice: feel excited and comfortable with intense situations as your couples powerfully rediscover themselves and each other and keep coming back for more unexpected discoveries!


  • Limited class size allowing direct instruction and feedback
  • Biweekly 2 hour supervision group
  • Year-long immersion in the cutting-edge Evolutionary Power methodology
  • Instruction and supervised practice
  • Reconnecting Couples Manual
  • Copies of Dr. Colwell’s ground-breaking books (Relationship Skills Workbook, Relationship Ride, the Inner Map)
The Relationship Ride Workbook by Julia Colwell
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Advanced training as a psychotherapist or practitioner and completion of Evolutionary Power Practitioner I