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Evolutionary Power Practitioner Certification Program

Evolutionary Power Practitioner (EPP) Training

If you are a professional who wants to bring the uplifting, empowering tools of Evolutionary Power into your psychotherapy, coaching practice, or other work emphasizing human potential, this certification program is for you.

At the EPP, we co-create an intensive learning environment for professionals
to both personally embody and then implement this cutting-edge modality in working with client.

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Evolutionary Power Couples Program

Evolutionary Power Couples Practitioner

Evolutionary Power Couples Practitioner Training

Join us for this immersive year training where you’ll gain the skills to effectively help couples stop their “Tug of War”, step out of power struggles, and into authentic reconnection.

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Evolutionary Power Program Graduates

Folks that have completed our Evolutionary Power Program

EPP Graduate Jaime Tousignant

My approach to counseling is relational and truly heart centered.

I believe profound healing happens in relationship, especially if we have been wounded in past relationships. I like to incorporate a variety of modalities, such as Somatic techniques, movement, mindful awareness, psychoeducation, and nature-based practices. Our therapeutic alliance allows for authentic expression, trust, and contact with your conscious and unconscious beliefs.
I believe we are capable of drawing on our own innate wisdom in order to promote growth, change, and healing within ourselves. My background as a bodyworker and Reiki practitioner help root my practice in somatic and energetic awareness. Utilizing a trauma-informed approach, I will assist you in staying in the present moment, letting your mind rest while accessing the wisdom of your heart and body, where true healing happens. Contact me.

Trusting my voice has been an evolving process for me since I was young. I used to frequently feel a thick knot in my throat when debating speaking up in group environments. I would often freeze up, stay quiet, and hold back from revealing my inner truths out of fear of not being accepted/loved.

This work within the EPI community has helped me wholeheartedly meet myself where I’m at and has taught me how to surf the waves of raw feeling to find my way through to the other side of the knots.

By going towards and through the density, I can emerge into a world that feels full of space and wonder and play. What a relief it is to have ways of freeing myself from stuckness and to get to play in the exciting waters of the unknown with other fellow explorers!

A bit about me professionally – I’ve spent 10 years as a yoga and creative movement instructor, I hold a MA in Somatic Counseling from Naropa University, and am a certified EPI Coach Practitioner. My primary role these days is as a body-centered therapist in private practice in Denver.

It is a delight and an honor to accompany my clients in peeling back the layers of gunk that keep their hearts from shining their brightest. For more info about my work, Visit with me

I am most in my flow when I am co-creating with another person the life that they most want to live! Whether using coaching or counseling skills, I truly enjoy facilitating another person in making conscious what is unconscious for them, and watching them gain self-awareness and personal empowerment in the process while learning how to heal what needs to be healed in order to live a life more from intention and less out of unconscious habit.

I like to incorporate whatever modalities a client is most needing in the moment– from body-based awareness, Mindfulness practices, Attachment Theory, Gestalt work, trauma-informed practices, spiritual practices, the neuroscience of Polyvagal Theory and self-regulation, as well as meaning-making and Positive Psychology. Speak with me

Zoe Vlasto, EPP Graduate
One of my gifts is being able to see a person’s light even when they cannot see it themselves. If you find yourself blocked from your own inner-wisdom and light, I’m here to help.

Perhaps you find yourself overwhelmed by trauma, grief, hurt, or other challenging life experiences. Perhaps you find your blocks manifesting as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, body image struggles, disconnection from others and yourself, or relationship issues. Perhaps you find yourself asking, “Isn’t life supposed to be more beautiful and free than this?”

I am a guide for exploring the inner wilderness, reflecting light into the dark places. I profoundly believe in the wisdom of the body, the healing power of the wilderness, and moving through feelings to touch into what we truly want in life.

I honor the darkness and the shadows; I also encourage us to be with what life is tossing our way.

I have a background in wilderness therapy, bilingual social justice counseling, eating disorder treatment, conscious embodiment, and women’s empowerment. My approach is client-centered, non-judgmental, experiential, and trauma informed. I specialize in supporting people to come home to the wild essence within themselves. I look forward to meeting you!
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Orientation: I utilize techniques from Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Based Psychology, Gestalt, and NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model), in addition to EPI’s body based somatic therapeutic techniques.

After nearly a decade of military service as an army intelligence officer and special forces intelligence team leader, Alex left the armed forces to pursue a new mission: learn and share effective tools that help people to heal.

Since then, Alex has broadened her interest and pursued in-depth exploration and study of the mind-body relationship, receiving certifications as a Hatha and Kaula Tantra yoga instructor, an Evolutionary Power embodiment coach, and completing trainings in expressive art therapy, Vipassana meditation, and e

Outside of work Alex loves dancing like nobody’s watching, rollerblading, road-tripping, and relaxing at home with her partner. She feels most resourced by her daily meditation practice, wanderings in nature, and sweating it out at the gym.

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Tamara EPP Graduate

Tamra Stanish, CPCC, ACC, is a leadership consultant and personal coach with over a decade of experience building, leading, and coaching high-performing teams. Tamra’s practice works with organizations and leaders by offering key note speaking, bespoke workshops, and leadership develop series.

As an Evolutionary Power Practitioner, Tamra also works with 1:1 clients who want to experience more joy, confidence, and freedom in their lives.

Tamra is known for her ability to ignite change through her unique coaching style which incorporates Industrial-Organizational Psychology, breath work, and her passion for body-centered tools.