Our Programs – The EPI Pathway to Aliveness

Intriguing You! logo , the first step in the EPI Pathway

Intriguing You!

Step 1 – Intriguing You!

How good are you willing to feel?? How thriving is your relationship? Take our quizzes and ignite your life!

Energizing You

Energizing You!

Step 2 – Energizing You!

A six videos, 3 handouts, self paced course–your first introduction to the EPI tools!

Awakening You

Awakening You!

Step 3 – Awakening You!

Immerse yourselves in EPI’s life-changing tools and skills in our live, online course where you can learn and practice real time with fellow classmates. Weekly 90 minute immersion, plus access to witnessing Julie Colwell’s live coaching and conversations–and so much more.

Our Programs Transforming You! logo.

Transforming You!

Step 4 – Transforming You!

Continue your discovery journey in this 6 month (or longer if you wish) course. Transforming You! teaches you additional tools from the EPI library. As you learn, you’ll discover greater understanding of the tools you already have as well new tools for greater self discovery. Class structure is the same as Awakening You!

Igniting You

Igniting You!

Step 5 – Igniting You!

Join Julie Colwell and EPI practitioners to embody EPI tools at a granular level. Classes are intimate and provide greater connection with fellow participants, as well as a supportive learning environment. Access to Office Hours and Fishbowl are included with the class enrollment. Complete Transforming You! to move to Igniting You!.