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1st step to get started: Download your copy of the Inner Map

Get your free copy of the Dr Julia Colwell’s Inner Map and support your ability to recognize where you are and then choose to shift to a higher state on the map.

We’re mammals — there’s a reason to each of these feelings, and of course it’s related to hierarchy and survival. The Inner Map packages it up in such a digestible way and removes all the blame. Then you’ve woven it into all of your work, and and it’s such an easy way to build a bridge of understanding with people.


Get your free copy the SHAME Handout

This handout was created to accompany Dr. Julia Colwell’s interview with Becky Margiotta on her podcast Unleashing Social Change. This podcast can be listened to here and please download the accompanying handout about the shame level of the Inner Map.

Want to shift out of BLAME!

Download your free handout to help you recognize and shift out of blame. This tool can help you shift out of judgment and blame and out of reactive stress.