Teaching therapists and coaches to have more fun!

Accepting applications for course starting: August, 2024

Welcome to the Evolutionary Power Practitioner (EPP) Training.

If you are a strong, energized and committed professional who wants to implement the uplifting, empowering tools of Evolutionary Power into your psychotherapy and/or coaching practices, this certification program is for you.
Our intention is to co-create an intensive learning environment for professionals
to both embody and create new ways of using these tools.

“I’ve been there – those tightrope moments when I didn’t know what might happen next, or what step to take that would most support my client.”

Over this 9-month course, you will learn the tools to empower your clients while you embody a paradigm where you, yourself can thrive.

EPP supports you to:

Learn in a co-creative, intensive learning environment for professionals

Revolutionize your skills and increase your impact

Be your true self while supporting clients

Image of Dr Julie Colwell

“You’ll find that you, too, will feel ever-increasing waves of aliveness and energy in your work and your own life.”

Image of Dr Julie Colwell

“Having been a psychotherapist and practitioner for 35 years, I found myself moving away from the traditional approaches I had learned into one that was more effective–and enjoyable! Over time I developed and tested a methodology that resulted in the powerful model of Evolutionary Power that I feel enlivened by and totally passionate about.
The Evolutionary Power Practitioner Program, as well as the Advanced Couples Practitioner course, weave together the cutting-edge practices that I have developed.
I’ll teach you the theory and tools you can immediately turn around and apply in supporting others in their transformation. Meanwhile, you’ll find that you, too, will feel ever-increasing waves of aliveness and energy in your work and your own life. You’ll be surrounded by a community of professionals who are learning, embodying and implementing these skills and taking steps towards their own life’s passion.”
-Dr. Julie Colwell

Why Study with Julie:

Julie brings two-and-a-half decades of experience teaching workshops and classes on conscious living.

She’s worked with and supported hundreds of interns and practitioners allowing them to generate amazing growth in their clients’ and long-term sustainability in their practice.

Julie has over 45,000 hours with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations, developing powerful, immediately impactful tools.

Her tools have been shown to prevent the cycle of burnout common in coaching professions.

If you’re in any of these roles, you’ll benefit from these trainings after you have taken ILC 1:

  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Nonprofit Leaders
  • Teachers/Educators
  • Business Leaders

EPP I Training

Upon completion of program requirements, students will receive EPP I certification and be eligible to advance to EPP II.

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(Live on Zoom* first Fridays 4:00pm-6:00pm MT)

Dr. Colwell goes deep into the theory behind her methodology.

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Practitioner Class

(Hybrid, first Saturdays
10:00am-1:00pm MT)

Meet in-person with Dr. Colwell to practice applying Friday’s skills.

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Bi-weekly Supervision

(As scheduled)

Deep dive into applying these practices with Dr. Colwell and other EPP trainees.

Your enrollment also includes access to our EPI online community – a vibrant online community, where you can connect with others, give and receive support in between classes, and join community-wide events!

*All Zoom calls will be recorded and available for viewing.

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EPI Fishbowl

(Bi-weekly Zoom call*)

Observe as an EPI community member is coached 1:1 by Dr. Colwell for 45 minutes; community members are present to support and learn.
(Q & A follows the session)

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EPI Office Hours

(Bi-weekly Zoom call*)

Join open Q & A sessions with Dr. Colwell.

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Essentials Weekend

(In-person, spring and fall)

Join the EPI community for a weekend where we explore these tools with each other.

EPP Certification Track


10 months

Students will become a Certified Level I Evolutionary Power Practitioner.


10 months
September -June

Students will become a Certified Level II Evolutionary Power Practitioner.


August – July

Certified EPP II are eligible to attend this advanced training to become a certified Evolutionary Power Couples Practitioner (EPCP).

Show up as your authentic self

Julie teaches you how to show up as your authentic self with clients.


You’ll learn fundamental practitioner tools so you can feel confident and tap into your own sense of vibrancy–even while working with intense emotions.

You can apply each month’s tools immediately in yuor practice, work, and in your life.

You’ll have a dynamic community to support you.

Join us and change your life!

Click here to apply and receive the EPP information packet!

Cost: $6,000
Discounts available for those currently enrolled in ILC 2. Scholarships available (email evolutionarypower5@gmail.com for more information).


“Being in this community and learning these tools has helped me create a life I truly love and enjoy. I continue to learn about myself and others and I am happier and emotionally healthier than I thought possible.” CH

“I have been mind-blown by the depths of Julie’s teaching, how she makes the complex – simple, accessible and usable and the profound impact on me personally and professionally.” CF

“Julie, I’m taking my EMDR second weekend and I just want to tell you how brilliant you and your mind are! Your work is a complete work for our times and it continues to blow my mind how it encompasses all of the therapy modalities in a powerful transformative, easily applicable, and fun way. I’m feeling so grateful for you, your supervision, and mentorship! You are brilliant!” LR