EPI Shorts

Lunch hour short classes

Are you looking to make powerful, positive shifts in your life?

From time to time EPI offers short courses that focus on individual tools that, when used, can create profound shifts.

Short #1:
Energizing You

a self paced course developed by EPI director, Julie Colwell

The life manual you wish you had:

Are you ready to feel better in your inner world, your relationships, your job, your life?

In this introductory short course you will learn how to:

Translate your body’s wisdom 

Have you wondered how to hear the messages your body is faithfully trying to send you?

You’ll connect the dots between your body sensations, emotions, and what you really want!

Navigate your inner world

Have you felt lost in whatever is going on in your inner experience?

You’ll come away with a powerful map
–so even if you’re lost, you’ll have a guide.

“Julie’s tools are magic, easy to grasp, and powerful catalysts to change as I practice them in my own life.”

~ KLD. Student

Self Paced,  register to begin your path to discovery

Short #2:
Getting Connected

a virtual workshop to connect with yourself and others.

Tired of feeling disconnected?

  • Are you wanting to connect again both with yourself and in your relationships?
  • Would you love some tools that help you voice what you want and speak unarguably in relationships?

Being you takes practice.

Here’s what you can do.

Interacting with others can be hard work. Emotions and reactions can happen before we know it, and negative coping patterns can quickly become the norm. But with practice, you can speak your truth in a way that others will hear.

The Getting Connected virtual workshop series runs over 4-weeks on Thursday evenings for 1.5 hours. You’ll learn powerful tools and skills and get to integrate these into your life in between workshops. These include knowing how to:

  • Speak your unarguable truth
  • Understand levels of consciousness and learn to choose (again and again) the level of consciousness and story that you want to live from
  • Understand how you drift into unconscious behaviors and what you can do to shift
  • Understand the Karpman drama triangle (hero, villain, victim) and how to shift out of it

Thursdays, May 9 – May 30.

This 4 week workshop will run from 5:30 to 7:00 pm MT.

Cost: $ 160 USD

What’s included:

  • Have your own experience of using the tool demonstrated

  • Handouts of the various tools we use

  • Exposure to the EPI community

About your Facilitators:

Facilitator Zoe

Zoe Vlastos

I have found these tools to be extremely powerful in my own life, both professionally and personally. This framework has landed in my body because it makes sense on so many levels – neurologically, emotionally, mentally, and, even, spiritually. I love supporting people in connecting to themselves and others in a deeply authentic and unarguable way by translating the wisdom of the body and emotions. I’m grateful to have these tools for living more consciously from my essential self. I have studied with Julie Colwell for the Evolutionary Power Institute and practiced embodying these tools daily over the past four years.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor | Licensed by State of Colorado USA | LPC.0019347 | 2023
  • Evolutionary Power Practitioner Level I & II | Evolutionary Power Institute, Colorado USA | Julie Colwell PHD | 2022
  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling | Regis University, Denver Colorado USA | 2021
Chanel, workshop facilitator.

Chanel Finnigan

The transformative impact of these tools has been profound in my own life. From helping me to know when I’m stuck and choosing how I respond, to creating the life I want to live and experiencing more joy in my life. I have valued learning to connect with my truth, getting to know my sensations and emotions, and understanding the information my body is giving me to help me make choices rather than living out of old familiar patterns. I relish the joy of helping others make significant shifts in their own lives through accessing the wisdom in their bodies. Over the last 5 years I have and continue to study and embody these practices thanks to two amazing US-based teachers, Julie Colwell (PhD) and Katie Hendricks (PhD).


  • Evolutionary Power Practitioner Level I | Evolutionary Power Institute, Colorado USA | Julie Colwell PHD | 2023
  • Big Leap Coach | The Hendricks Institute, California USA | Katie Hendricks PHD | 2021
  • Professional Coaching | New Zealand Institute of Coaching | Anna de Valk | 2018
  • Coaching Conversations | New Zealand Institute of Coaching | Anna de Valk | 2018


I’m completing a 10-month internship from September 2023 to June 2024 to become a Certified Level II Evolutionary Power Practitioner with Dr Julie Colwell of the Evolutionary Power Institute, Colorado, USA.

Professional Supervision

The professional supervisor for both Zoe and Chanel is Julie Colwell, Ph.D., Colorado license #0001516. Visit www.EvolutionaryPower.org for more information about Julie Colwell, Ph.D.

May 9th through May 30th, 2023

  • Thursdays – 5:30 p.m. MDT
  • Virtual Class
  • Cost, $160.00 Early bird discount if registering by April 26th.

Julie’s New Year’s Seminar

A free virtual living room discussion that happens annually on January 1st

  • Watch for more details!