EPI Shorts

Lunch hour short classes

Are you looking to make powerful, positive shifts in your life?

From time to time EPI offers short courses that focus on individual tools that, when used, can create profound shifts.

Short #1:
Energizing You

a 4 week course led by EPI director, Julie Colwell

The life manual you wish you had:

Are you ready to feel better in your inner world, your relationships, your job, your life?

In this introductory short course you will learn how to:

Translate your body’s wisdom 

Have you wondered how to hear the messages your body is faithfully trying to send you?

You’ll connect the dots between your body sensations, emotions, and what you really want!

Navigate your inner world

Have you felt lost in whatever is going on in your inner experience?

You’ll come away with a powerful map
–so even if you’re lost, you’ll have a guide.

“Julie’s tools are magic, easy to grasp, and powerful catalysts to change as I practice them in my own life.”

~ KLD. Student

What’s included:

  • (4) 1.30 hour classes
  • 1 hour with Dr. Colwell teaching and demonstrating the basic EPI practices,
  • followed by 30 minute break-out rooms so you can try them out.
  • Break-out rooms will be facilitated by EPI coaches.
Coffee shared between friends.

August 23 – September 13, 2023

  • Wednesdays – 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. MDT
  • Virtual Class
  • $75/person

Short #2:

Living from your Essence

a 6 week course led by EPI Interns

Lets play with ways to keep us in our Creative Brain flow:

This workshop is for anyone, EPI members, friends of EPI members, the general public, who wants to explore ways to live with more meaning, vitality, and joy.

  • We will play with the various ways that we sabotage ourselves from feeling “too good” or having too much joy for fear of losing it.
  • We will look at what drains our energies versus what grows and supports our energies!
  • We will explore how we spend our time and use our energy that allows us to feel more connection and flow in our lives.


Tuesdays, March 14 – April 25

This 6 week workshop will run (taking the week of March 28 off for spring break) from 12:30 to 1:45pm with optional time for ongoing conversations from 1:45 to 2pm.

We’ll discuss these mind blowing topics:

Upper Limiting, the Genius Move, Conscious Commitments, the Energy of Money, Climbing the Inner Map of emotions, and Clearing Incompletions.


The cost is simply a donation of your choice. Registration info to follow.

What’s included:

  • Have your own experience of using the tool demonstrated

  • Handouts of the various tools we use

  • Exposure to the EPI community

March 14 – April 25, 2023

  • Tuesdays – 12:30 p.m. MDT
  • Virtual Class
  • Cost, free though a donation of $45 suggested and appreciated


Cocreate with Life: One day Workshop

January 1st 2024

  • Watch for more details!