Living Above the Line

Living Above the Line, our online EPI Community hub where we connect, learn and support each other in exploring . Won’t you join us?

We invite you to join our community of folks focused on learning and practicing “living above the line”, a term coined from Julie’s Inner Map, living in personal peace, love and joy.

Membership benefits:

  • join Julie in live Q&A sessions
  • access to tips and posts from Julie
  • interact with other community members and their groups
  • stay abreast of the latest EPI happenings.

Your membership also includes access to a weekly Zoom call

(every Wednesday from 5:30 – 6:30pm MST)

  • Fishbowl – a biweekly zoom call where an ILC members can sign up to be coached 1:1 by Dr. Colwell for 45 mins with other members present to support and learn.
  • Office Hours – a live zoom biweekly zoom call, open Q & A session with Dr. Colwell.
Dr Julie Colwell teaching at Starhouse

The subscriptions are a month by month commitment.

You may cancel at anytime.