EPI Weekend Retreats – Our Signature Workshops

Essential Tools for Creating the Life You Want

Essentials is an immersive weekend where you’ll learn foundational tools to make powerful, positive shifts in your life. You’ll learn new ideas that help you discover your true power, help you shift from reactivity to creativity, and help you live your big life!

We invite you to join our community of folks focused on learning and practicing “Living Above the Line”, living in personal peace, love and joy. (Living Above the Line is a term coined from Julie’s Inner Map a guide to your body’s energy.)

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Cocreative Relationships

Our Co-Creative Relationships Workshops are amazing and transforming weekend workshops that will help you understand how power struggles happen (and how entrenched we can get in those struggles.) Through the lively, interactive weekend you’ll discover a clear path to generating co-creativity. A path that can enable relationships reflecting the best all parties involved. This weekend will initiate a new direction, one where the relationship itself is a vehicle for a fulfilling life of connection and exhilaration-together. More details and registration information.

Rediscovering Essence

As our intimacy with others deepens, our personas can drain the energy that once created our connections, and aliveness.

This weekend Julie will uncover the personas that surface and take the wheel during conflict. She’ll guide us to a clear path back to finding our essences. Through this path we can also recover that which is the best part our relationships: Seeing and knowing each other’s real, essential self.

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Passion Rekindled: Rediscovering Pleasure and Possibility in Relationships

Create a new context around sexuality in your relationships, one that moves you out of power struggle and into flow, connection, and co-creativity and fun.
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EPI Shorts

Unexpected gems show up here, classes that are developed by our faculty as they ponder “What wants to happen next.” Check out the details for what classes might be coming up.
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