Co-Creative Couples Circle

continuing connection

practice with your partner

Stop wondering if your relationship “could” be better
and start learning how to create the life you really want.

Is our Co-Creative Couples Circle for you?

Are you looking for support and vision to continue practicing and witnessing the skills you’ve learned in one of our Couples Workshops; saying to yourself, WOW, that was great but where do we go next?

Couples that have participated in one of EPI’s Couples workshops and want to continue to practice the tools they learned now have their own EPI group: the CO-Creative Couples Circle

The group meets twice a month:

Each meeting:

1. Begins with a brief check-in,

2. Then the main focus will be for the group to witness as Julie live-coaches one couple, focusing on different tools she wants them to learn and use.

3. There will then be time for talking over what happened before we close the gathering.

Couples will also have access to the EPI community offerings while they are members of the group.

Prerequisite: Couples who have worked with Julie or have taken one of EPI’s couples courses in the last 12 months are eligible to join.

Meetings: Zoom, Mondays, 5:30-7:00pm, MDT

Cost: $125/month/couple, 6 month minimum commitment.

Dr Julie Colwell leads our Couples Group.
  • We will explore the following topics: 

    • Speaking without blame and getting down to the real issue
    • Moving out of persona and back into essence
    • Learning how both people can get everything they want–without compromise
    • Reliable moves for shifting out of Reactive Brain and into Creative Brain
    • Locating selves on the Inner Map and knowing what to do when you’re Below the Line
    • Detecting Power Over/Power Under and moving to Power With
“Julie’s work has transformed not only my relationship to myself but it has transformed every relationship in my life and how I view the world.”
Jill E - Coach. Teacher. Student of Life