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Evolutionary Power Institute: Tools and community to get unstuck, create aliveness, fall in love with yourself, your partner, and the world.

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Don’t let fear and self-doubt stop you from creating the life you secretly desire.

Discover and learn tools to transform your emotional state and create the relationships you want in every area of your life

Create the life you want

Life is too short to live without joy and feeling your own innate power.

Come learn a whole new way of being in connection with yourself and the world. The core tools support getting unstuck and finding joy.

What you learn is immediately applicable in your relationships and daily challenges and you have a whole community to practice with!

Check out how these tools can work for you!

TOOLS: Use reliable, science-based tools in the moment to gracefully navigate life stressors and create the changes you want

PHILOSOPHY: With EPI’s unique philosophy, you can change your state of mind, choose creativity over reactivity and see a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

COMMUNITY: Practicing these tools in our community supports the easeful integration of learning into your daily life.

We get it – feeling stuck can seem endless.

While psychotherapy can be extremely effective and necessary, it can sometimes focus on “what’s wrong” and not so much the innate possibilities or on the concrete actions and skills it takes to create real change in the moment.

Here’s what you may not know:
You already have what it takes to be all you want to be.

“I’ve spent many thousands of hours with individuals and couples who feel powerless, overwhelmed and unsure of how to shift old patterns…how to live a beautiful, big life.

Body wisdom holds the answer.

By integrating polyvagal theory with body-based science and conscious living practices, our community members have created the lives and relationships they desire.

Discovering your true essence (and that of others) and locating emotions in your body helps you shift your emotional state and allows you to create solutions you never dreamed possible.”

– Dr. Julie Colwell

Be the change!

“This work has been so helpful in me being more connected to myself and all my relationships. There are so many helpful tools that my husband and I use together, and it’s been awesome to model this in front of my 8-year old daughter. I also really appreciate the community I have gained through this work.”

-Megan M

Take the first steps to a new you – dive in
or dip your toes.

Make a new choice-


A Living Above The Line subscription is the first and easiest step into EPI’s powerful toolbox.

Signature Workshops

Deeper dives to learn and practice

  • Webinars
  • In-person Weekend Events
  • Relationship Courses
  • Practitioner Trainings

Immersive Learning Community (ILC)

The heart of the EPI.

Members of the ILC get: ongoing instruction and practice in the fundamental EPI tools, then ongoing support from other community members to apply them to your life.

Not in Boulder, and looking for learning and community?

Virtual Immersive Learning Community (VILC)

Want to attend from home? Or maybe you are not yet ready to meet in groups?

We created the Virtual Immersive Learning Community 1 and 1.5 (VILC1 & VILC1.5) just for you. This is the same curriculum we use for the in-person Immersive Learning Community (ILC) and now it is available as an online community. Learn More

Confidently face life’s challenges.

Here’s how it works:

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2. Learn the Skills

Attend classes and events taught by Dr. Julia Colwell and Trained EPI faculty dedicated to supporting you!

3. Uplevel your life!

Experience the thrill of knowing yourself! And the clarity of knowing what you want! Oh Yeah!!! This STUFF works! (powerful skills)

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