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About Us – The Evolutionary Power Institute was founded by Dr. Julia Colwell to share the profound impact of the practices she has spent her career developing and refining. At the EPI you will learn tools to get unstuck, create aliveness, and fall in love with yourself, your partner, and the world. Through in person and on-line workshops, classes, and private coaching, the Evolutionary Power Institute teaches a core set of practices that help its community live a happier, more fulfilled, joyful life. Meanwhile, the EPI community is there to support each other as we learn, practice, and embody these tools. For more information click on the image to the left.

EPI Community – The EPI is a vibrant community of committed and curious learners, where individuals, couples and families can come and learn and embody tools of conscious living. The EPI community supports growth, accountability, and living a more joyful and fulfilled life. At the EPI we appreciate that change can take time, and that a strong community of support and acceptance is vital while learning how to embody the EPI tools and practices. We are each other’s cheerleaders, learning as we go and sharing our experiences of powerful transformation. Learn how the EPI Community can support YOU.

Evolutionary Power’s Path – your new life awaits. EPI’s Path provides both in-person and online programs that teach tools that allow you to get unstuck, create aliveness, and fall in love with yourself, your partner and the world. From the basic Essentials Weekend Retreats, to weekly online and in-person groups, to Men’s groups, relationship programs and much more, the EPI provides programs every step of the way. Start your Pathway Journey with “Awaken You,” the first step to discovery and growth, or check out the program that most speaks to you. More Info.

EPI Events – Signature Weekend Workshops offer an exciting opportunity to learn and play with EPI concepts. EPI “Essentials,” “Co-Creative Relationships,” “Rediscovering Essence,” and our popular “Getting Unstuck Around Sex” weekend retreats happen throughout the year. Check the Events calendar to experience the dynamic and inspirational joy of Julie live-coaching individuals, couples and families. Dip your toes in and see if this for you. More Info

EPI PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM – We teach therapists and coaches to have more fun, avoiding burn-out by finding the rhythm of having a self while working with others. The tools taught at through EPCP will add valuable depth, meaning, joy, and versatility to your practice as a therapist or coach. If you are seeking to enrich and widen your skill set, and want to implement the uplifting, empowering tools of Evolutionary Power into your psychotherapy and/or coaching practices, this certification program is for you.
Our intention is to co-create an intensive learning environment for professionals to both embody and create new ways of using these tools. More Info.

Reach a Coach –Life doesn’t have to be hard. We are here to help.

At the Evolutionary Power Coaching Collective, our coaches appreciate the work involved in shifting old patterns, but emphasize the value of play and creativity as well. Through the use of tools and the philosophy provided by our parent organization, Evolutionary Power Institute, EPCC coaches help their clients reach their fullest potential. Visit Evolutionary Power Coaching Collective and get in touch with one of our coaches now. Lighten your life today!

Books by Dr. Julia Colwell

The Relationship Skills Workbook by Julia Colwell
Audio Guide to The Relationship Workbook by Julia Colwell
The Relationship Skills Workbook by Julia Colwell
The Relationship Skills Workbook by Julia Colwell

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